I started showing dogs when I was 15 years old (1978 - you do the math) while I was working at a breeding/boarding kennel.  The first breed I showed was a bloodhound.  Then I acquired my own purebred dog, a Doberman pinscher.  He was also my first heart dog.  I was hooked!


Always a lover of all animals I pursued a career in wildlife and am now retired after 26 years as a Wildlife Biologist with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.  I am a Licensed Veterinary Technician and currently working part time at a veterinary hospital.  I have continued to show purebred dogs in conformation, obedience, agility, and field events even though I have a full-time job.  My husband and I have been breeding German wirehaired pointers for almost 30 years and have enjoyed the breed immensely.  We've bred only 7 litters in that time but have achieved many conformation champion titles as well as Master Hunters, Senior Hunters, obedience titles and agility titles. Over the years I've shown many different breeds and at least one breed from every group.


We live in a rural area with over 50 acres and a small kennel with indoor-outdoor heated runs. I am not a shows every weekend. I average 2 weekends per month.  I work as a Licensed Veterinary Technician 3 days a week.  I take only a few dogs at a time to condition, train and show in conformation shows.  This allows me to devote as much time to each dog as they need to become comfortable with me, the ring, the show setting, judges, etc.